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    Distributors for TULIKIVI Finnish soapstone fireplaces, bakeovens, slabs, tile and firebrick,
    with operations throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States, since 1987
    from our facilities in Virginia.

    In Finnish - TULIKIVI (two-lee-kee-vee) literally means "fire stone."
    In English - The world's most beautiful and comfortable home heating system.

Timeless Nature Meets Modern Marvel

Tulikivi Website Link - Opens New Page

The concept is simple. Made of elegant soapstone, these environmentally responsible wood-burning Tulikivi's takes advantage of a thermal-mass principle used for centuries in Scandinavian fireplaces. Unlike a conventional fireplace, which sends warm air up your chimney, the Tulikivi masonry heaters soak up the fire's heat and stores it. Then it slowly and gently releases the warmth long after the fire has gone out. And because the stone generates natural, evenly circulated radiant heat (like warmth of the sun), the air in your home will never be too hot or dry.

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